Here you can learn how to get started with using Track E.V.V. along with a few guidelines to follow through the course

Get started
  1. The company will assign an Admin who will fill the Get-Started form on Track EVV website.
  2. The Admin will receive an email with a link to an employee data excel sheet wherein all details of the employee will be captured.
  3. Once Track EVV receives the employee datasheet the onboarding process starts.
  4. Track EVV will create login credentials using the email ids of the employee for the mobile app.
  5. A link for employee declaration form will be created and the admin will request all employees to fill and submit online.
  6. Once the employee declaration form is compiled and submitted Track EVV will email the admin:
    1. The excel sheet with login details.
    2. The Company’s User Location Byte (ULB) code used for employee login.
    3. A link to the mobile App.
    4. A link to their employee assessment form.
  7. A customized map for the organization will be created to track employees after they login to the app.
  8. The admin is responsible for informing their employees of their login details and give guidelines on using the App. (The guidelines will be mentioned in the email.)
  9. Track EVV will send daily reports on employee declaration form on progressive basis and once all employee data is received it will submit a final employee report.
  10. This concludes the company registration.
  11. The admin can regularly check their employee locations and details by accessing their map link using the username and password provided.
  1. Employees can download the App from the link attached above.
  2. Employees can login using their email id and the password that Track EVV has generated. They can change the password if they desire.
  3. Employees will receive notifications every 3 hours that needs to be clicked to upload their location. They can also manually upload their details by clicking on the send location button.
  4. If you have any questions of concerns, you can reach us at or reply to our emails.
  5. You can also fill out the contact us form at
Employee Self-Assessment Format

You can check out our standard employee self-assessment format by clicking here.

We will create a form for your company when you sign-up and share the link with you. You will then receive detailed reports on a daily basis as and when your employees respond to the form.