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This will be used by the employee to contact you.
This will be used by the employee to contact you.

You can download the employee login form by clicking here. Don’t worry, we will also send a copy in the email following this form.


The below mentioned FAQs will help you get started with your basic queries. If you feel we have missed something, do contact us at and let us know how we can help.


  1. The company will assign an Admin who will fill the Get-Started form on Track EVV website.
  2. The Admin will receive an email with a link to an employee data excel sheet wherein all details of the employee will be captured.
  3. Once Track EVV receives the employee datasheet the onboarding process starts.
  4. Track EVV will create login credentials using the email ids of the employee for the mobile app.
  5. A link for employee declaration form will be created and the admin will request all employees to fill and submit online.
  6. Once the employee declaration form is compiled and submitted Track EVV will email the admin:
    1. The excel sheet with login details.
    2. A link to the mobile App
    3. The company’s ULB (User Location Byte) code which is to be used when logging in to the App
    4. A link to their employee assessment form.
  7. A customized map for the organization will be created to track employees after they login to the app.
  8. The admin is responsible for informing their employees of their login details and give guidelines on using the App. (The guidelines will be mentioned in the email.)
  9. Track EVV will send daily reports on employee declaration form on a progressive basis and once all employee data is received it will submit a final employee report.
  10. This concludes the company registration.
  11. The admin can regularly check their employee locations and details by accessing their map link using the username and password provided.

Once you sign-up, we will email you a link to a map and the login credentials to access the page.

Once you login, you will notice markers for each individual employee and clicking on them will reveal details about them. You can also search for a city in the search box to narrow your search.


We charge a setup fees to create a customized map as per your geographic requirements. Also note that a single account cannot have multiple maps. Though there are no limitations for the number of employees for tracking. Just in case you are planning to create a new setup for a different geographic location, please make sure that the employees are not repeated to avoid double billing.


We don’t put a limit on the number of employees you can track.


Yes, you can add more employees by adding their details to the revised excel sheet which we would send by email to you once you send a request for adding more employees. New employees would be added within 24 hours and you would be intimated by an email and the new employees would be seen on your existing map.

The location marker on the map is updated every 3 hours. However, it is subject to the employee clicking on the notification on their device. Only when we get the notification update, we can add them to the map.


If you are paying from India:

One time setup fee of INR 3000. In addition INR 55 per employee/ per month. We would send you a custom invoice covering the setup fee and the number of employees you want to track.

In case you are paying from any other country:

One time setup fee of USD 39.99 In addition USD  0.79 per employee/ per month. We would send you a custom invoice covering set up fee and number of employee you want to track

* Every 30th day, you will receive an invoice which is payable in 5 working days else your account will be suspended.

 ** For Additional employees you are charged for tracking only


Yes, we only operate on a monthly subscription plans as of now.


If you feel there is something wrong or something needs to be fixed. Just email us on the address mentioned below and we would have that sorted ASAP.

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Please feel free to contact us at for any other queries.